How to Keep Bugs Out of Your Apartment

Whether or not you’re afraid of tiny critters, nobody wants to find an unwelcome little guest in your apartment. And it can be difficult to keep bugs away, so we’ve found a few ways to prevent bugs from settling in your home.

Check entrances

This means all entrances that bugs can use, not just the door that humans walk through. Make sure that all of your doors, windows, walls and pipes that tiny bugs use to access your home are sealed and have no cracks.

This is especially important if you live in an older place. If the windows frames are old, they often start to separate, leaving cracks. You should also check the weather strip at the base of your door to make sure it fills in the whole space. Add screens to windows and doors – especially if you ever leave them open – as an extra precaution.

Choose plants wisely

While most plants are bound to attract bugs, some attract more than others. Make sure that when you choose a plant, either indoor or outdoor plants, research it to make sure it isn’t appealing to insects. Avoid any type of shrubbery (they attract loads of bugs) and use a safe garden insecticide for extra insurance.

Take out the trash

Don’t let your trash overflow. If anything lands on the floor and isn’t cleaned up regularly, bugs will find it. Try to keep your trash cans clean, as well—wash them out every few weeks to make sure there isn’t anything left that will attract all the pests.

Diatomaceous earth

Don’t be afraid of the name – this is one of the best solutions for most bug problems. It’s a natural product that comes in the form of a white powder and is made from the remains of marine phytoplankton. It has a unique particle structure that’s rough and spiked and harmful to tiny bugs.

There are two kinds of diatomaceous earth – food grade and non-food grade. For the purpose of keeping bugs out, they work just the same. The best part about using food grade diatomaceous earth is that it’s safe for mammals. In fact, you can eat it and be just fine. If you have children or pets around, this is the safest solution for preventing a bug invasion.


Although you may not want to deal with a bad smell and weird chemicals, bug spray is such a popular solution for a reason – it works. If you’ve tried everything and had no success, you may have to resort to the method that stands the test of time. There are safer organic insecticides if you don’t want a strong chemical-based one.