Having A Baby Can Be A Good Excuse To Simplify And Declutter

For the past few months we’ve been preparing ourselves for the exciting event of becoming parents for the second time.  We’ve been having baby showers, buying all the baby related items we needed and just stocking up.

Through all this we realized that even before we started buying all of this baby stuff that we were starting to run out of room, and we really had a lot of stuff in the house that we no longer needed.

While we certainly aren’t hoarders (1.4 million Americans DO suffer from chronic hoarding & clutter.), and we weren’t trapped and killed by our piles of stuff like this unfortunate fellow, we didn’t want to have our home stuffed to the gills with things we didn’t want or need.

We decided to simplify, and to declutter.

clutter free home

clutter free home

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10 Reasons To Get Rid Of Your Stuff“.

Our Criteria For Getting Rid Of Stuff

  • Are we currently using this item?
  • Are we likely to use it in the future?
  • Is it sentimental?
  • Even if we’re using it, does it take up more space than it is worth?

More often than not we’re not really using the item anymore, and in many cases we’re not even sure why we saved it.  Old shoes, old magazines and CDs we hadn’t listened to in years went out the door.  Old computer motherboards and computer cables? Gone.

Of course there are the exceptions – things that I will always refuse to get rid of – like my guitars and my old baseball card collection.

How To Get Rid Of Things When You Declutter

There are a lot of ways to get rid of things when you declutter your house.   You can sell it, donate it, give it away or  junk it.

Sell The Item

When we’re deciding what we’re going to do with an item we go through a mental inventory to decide on if the item is actually worth anything.  If it is, we try to sell the item.  Our favorite places to sell things are online.  They include:

We recently sold a couple of old rugs, and some old electronics we had in storage on Craigslist.  In the end we made a couple of hundred dollars on the items. Money for baby stuff!

My wife has found she has a knack for selling things like old baby clothes and accessories on Facebook via mommy pages and garage sale groups for our local area.  Usually she’ll list more popular items on there and we can have the items sold within a few days.  We sold our son’s old baby clothes that we had been saving for several hundred dollars that way.

We’ve also sold old technology items using electronics buying sites.  We recently had an old Samsung Galaxy phone to get rid of.  We checked prices at a variety of sites, including the ones listed above, and ended up finding the best price with Decluttr.com.  We were able to make some money on a phone we weren’t using, and someone else will get a like new Galaxy phone for a low price.

If selling our stuff online doesn’t work, and if we have enough items, we will sometimes have a garage sale.

The problem with garage sales is that far too often you put in more effort to have the garage sale than you actually make in selling the items.   Another alternative is to ask family or friends if they’re having a garage sale anytime soon.  If they are, ask them if you can bring your items over to sell.  We did this last year and sold several larger ticket items – and had fun hanging out with friends all day!

Donate The Item

If we don’t believe we’ll get enough money for the item to make selling it worth our while, quite often we’ll donate the item to a local charity.  We have a goodwill store pretty close to our house, and quite often we end up donating the items there.  Remember, you can often get a tax deduction if you donate items!

Some options for donating items:

For some more options on places to donate your things, check out this great post: Where To Donate All Your Unwanted Stuff.

Give The Item Away

If you can’t sell the item, and charities don’t take your item as a donation, you can always give the item away for free.  Place a free ad on Craigslist offering the item for free – or leave a post on a site like Freecycle.org.  Usually you can find a taker for just about any item you’re getting rid of.

Junk The Item

If no one will take your items, even for free, you can always just dump them.    If the items are too big to throw in your own garbage receptacle, you can use one of these options:

  • 1800GotJunk.com
  • Your local dump
  • Some communities have a “large trash item” day once a year where they’ll pick up your larger items.

Get Rid Of Your Excess Items – You’ll Be Glad You Did

When we started getting rid of things from our house, at first it was a bit painful.  We were both coming up with excuses about how we would use items in the future, about how certain items meant so much to us, and how we could continue to store items because we wouldn’t want to re-buy them again in the future.

In the end we realized that we were making a lot of rationalizations, and that things we weren’t currently using were probably going to remain unused for the foreseeable future.  It just made sense to get rid of all these things that were weighing us down.

After we started getting rid of things it felt really good to be rid of all the excess baggage.  It was a like a weight lifted off of our shoulders, and we felt so much more free!  We have free space in the house!

So if you’re thinking about getting rid of your things – just do it!   It may be hard at first, but it will get easier, and the freedom you’ll feel by having de-clutterfied will be priceless!

Have you recently tried decluttering your house?  Was it hard to get rid of things – even the things you weren’t using anymore?  Why do you think that “things” are able to get such a hold on our lives?

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Swagbucks Review: What Is It, How Does It Work And What Can You Win?

Have you heard of Swagbucks?

Many people have, but don’t know exactly what it is or how it works.

Now that Swagbucks just celebrated their tenth birthday, more and more people are learning about this reputable company (which has earned an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau) that helps you earn free gift cards, cash and prizes.



Chances are, when you learn more about this company, you’ll become a Swagbucks enthusiast like me!

Open Your FREE Swagbucks Account Now!

Use our link to get a $5 signup bonus, and use promo code “BMONEYMATTERS” when you register you’ll get an extra 70 points called SB

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If you do nothing more than search the Internet a few times a day (and don’t we all do that?), you could easily earn 7 to 10 points called SB a day.

Earn 300 SB (which is possible in 3 to 5 weeks with minimal effort), and you could redeem your points for a $3 Amazon gift card.

In general, every 100 SB earns you a $1 toward an Amazon gift card. 300 SB for $3 Amazon gift card, or 500 SB for a $5 Amazon gift card.  However, you can earn a $25 Amazon gift card for just 2,200 SB points!

How To Sign Up For Swagbucks

Swagbucks Review - Is It A Scam?

Swagbucks Review - Is It A Scam?

Signing up for Swagbucks is simple.

Simply go to the Swagbuck’s page and either sign in with Facebook, or fill out a simple form with your e-mail address and a password that you choose for your Swagbucks account.

Open Your FREE Swagbucks Account Now!

Registration is free, and right now you’ll eligible to get a $5 bonus for signing up!

Once you are signed up, make sure you stay signed in so you can use Swagbucks to search the Internet and earn points.

How To Earn SB

There are many ways to earn SB.  If you use it to search the Internet, you will randomly earn points.  I have earned anywhere from 7 to 79 points at one time. Those points continue to accrue until you redeem them for your rewards.

Swagbucks Review

Swagbucks Review

In addition to searching the Internet, there are many other ways to earn points:

  • Watch television programming.  Like to find new recipes?  Watch the Food Network videos.  Or watch videos streamed right from Hulu as well as clips on news (regular and celebrity), tech, etc. on Swagbucks and earn SB points.  (They have many quick two to three minute shows that you can watch to earn points.)
  • Encourage your friends to join.  If your friends sign up for Swagbucks with your referral link, you will get 10% of their Swagbucks earning for life!  This can be a great way to watch your balance grow with minimal effort on your part, especially if you have several friends join.
  • Use coupons.  If you routinely print coupons off the Internet, print them from Swagbucks.  For every coupon you redeem at the grocery store, you earn 10 SB
  • Take a poll.  There are usually short, one question polls that you can answer.  This takes less than 10 seconds, and you can earn a SB point.
  • Meet your daily Swagbucks goal.  Every day, Swagbucks sets an earning goal for you.  For instance, they may set a goal of earning 30 SB.  If you’re able to do that, say for 7 days in a row, you’ll earn an additional 25 SB.
  • Play games. You can play a variety of games in the games section to earn SB.
  • Use the special offers section.  This section isn’t something I’d use just to get SB (though some people do), but it can be a great way to earn SB points on something you were already going to do.  For instance, if you were going to sign up for a Target Red Debit or Credit Card anyway, why not do it through Swagbucks and earn 215 SB points?

This section is Swagbucks highest earning vertical.  There are plenty of special offers to choose from.

These are just a few ways to earn rewards; there are many more, some more labor intensive than others.

I usually just have time for the polls and searching the Internet, and I still earned enough in a year to redeem for Amazon gift cards and get a few presents for my kids at Christmas.

Swagbucks Browser Extension

Swagbucks has a browser extension that you can install in your browser as well.

Swagbucks review browser extension

Swagbucks review browser extension

In my Chrome browser I have it installed and it will notify you when there is cash back available for a store you’re shopping at. Just click on the button that pops up to activate the cash back, and a short while after you complete your purchase the SB will be added to your account.

It also will tell you when there are coupon codes available at a certain store and apply them for you, saving you additional money!

What it comes down to is adding the extension will likely save you quite a bit of money! It takes the work out of remembering to go to a cash back site – it does it for you automatically.

Swagbucks Hack To Triple Your Savings

Her’s a hack that I have started using in order to triple my savings when shopping online. I use Swagbucks in conjunction with two other providers, Honey and Gift Card Granny.

Here’s how it works.

  1. Activate Swagbucks cash back: First, go to the shopping site where you want to save money.  Activate your Swabgucks cash back via your browser extension. It should pop up automatically if you have it installed and ask you to “activate cash back”.
  2. Use Honey to get a coupon code: After you find the item you wanted to buy, add it to your cart and begin the checkout process. On the checkout page where they have a space for coupon codes, use the Honey browser extension to search for available coupon codes, to save you more money!
  3. Buy a discounted gift card from Gift Card Granny: Figure out your order’s total, and then buy a gift card at Gift Card Granny to cover the cost. You can often find gift cards for popular retailers at a big discount. For example, a $100 gift card for $85. Purchase the gift card and use it when checking out.

When you do these three things, you’ll save using Swagbucks cash back, by using a Honey coupon code, and by getting a discount on a gift card to pay for your order.  Triple the savings!

How Much Can You Earn With Swagbucks?

Once you’ve earned enough points you can redeem your SB for an Amazon gift card, but there are hundreds of other ways to also redeem your points.  Choose from a wide range of retailers—Amazon, Target, Lands End, Chili’s, Starbucks, Whole Foods, Walmart, Sears, and many more.

There are hundreds of prizes to choose from, and if you want to make your SB points stretch further, look for the sale category where they temporarily discount how many SB certain items can be redeemed for.

They say that nothing in life is free, but if you search the Internet using Swagbucks, utilize the cash back tools and engage on their site you will earn enough SB points to redeem for some nice free gifts.

Have you used Swagbucks?  If so, what have you earned?

If you use promo code “BMONEYMATTERS” when you register you’ll get an extra 70 SB.

Get Your Free 70 SB When You Open Swagbucks Account Now!

Similar Programs

Swagbucks Review


Swagbucks Review




  • Lots of reward options including PayPal
  • Great cash back options
  • Browser extension works great
  • In store cash back
  • Lots of ways to earn points


  • Some offers require a lot to get SB

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Fetch Rewards App Review: Get Cash Back Grocery Savings

Most of us probably go grocery shopping 2 or 3 times per month.

Groceries are a big expense, and for many people buying groceries is one of their biggest monthly expenditures.

So why not earn a bit of cash back for all the money you spend at grocery stores?

Cashback apps and platforms are a dime a dozen these days, and there are several apps that will give you cash back at the grocery store. One that has recently stood out above the competition, however, is Fetch Rewards.

Fetch Rewards has recently received $25 million in funding, which put this app on a lot of people’s radar. In this article we’ll look at Fetch Rewards to determine if it’s a good option to help you earn rewards for your purchases. 

Fetch Rewards Website Homepage
Fetch Rewards Logo

Quick Summary

  • App is FREE to use.
  • Earn rewards on grocery (and other) spending.
  • No need to select deals before you shop.
  • Rewards issued quickly.
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Fetch Rewards App Basics

Fetch Rewards is a mobile app that allows you to earn cash back by scanning your grocery receipts (as well as restaurant and other store receipts). However, unlike many receipt scanning apps, it doesn’t matter which store you buy your item from. You’re only required to purchase a specific product, and as long as it appears on your grocery store receipt, you can earn cash back. 

Although there may not be a massive amount of offers, Fetch Rewards is rapidly expanding, so you can expect to enjoy even more cashback deals in the future. The current offers include common items that you’re likely to buy most weeks. Just be sure that your offer doesn’t expire, and you scan your receipt as soon as you can after you’ve bought the item. 

Fetch Rewards uses the receipts from these offers to perform market research. This information is sold to companies who use the data to improve products and services, so you get paid for your part in this process. However, all information is anonymous, so you don’t need to worry about your privacy. 

free gift cards from fetch rewards app

How Does Fetch Rewards Work?

Fetch Rewards is remarkably easy to use. Once you’ve downloaded the app, you just need to sign up using your email address, Facebook account, or Google. You’ll need to supply your phone number and the state where you live, and once you’ve done this, you’ll receive a confirmation code via text. 

Fetch Rewards - Scan receipts earn rewards

To scan a receipt, you just need to open the app and select scan; you can then hit the camera icon and follow the prompts.

If your receipt is particularly long, you can take several pictures to cover the entire receipt. The receipt will be processed instantly, so you’ll see how many points you earned within just a few seconds.

As we touched on above, you should scan your receipt as soon as possible after you make a purchase, as there is a 14 day timeframe. 

Fetch Rewards Brands

You can earn points for each grocery store (or convenience store) receipt that you scan, but you can earn more points when you purchase brands that Fetch Rewards works with, including Breyers, Kraft, and other common brands. There is a list of participating brands and offers on the app, so you can check before you shop. 

The app does quite a good job of detecting all the brands on your receipt automatically and calculating your rewards, but there are occasions when some are missed. So, if you spot that you didn’t receive points for a qualifying brand, you can just tap on “Correct My Receipt,” and the app will guide you through the process to submit a claim. These prompts are easy to follow, and in most cases, you’ll receive your points in 24 hours or less once your claim has been evaluated.

You can also claim points from e-receipts for some specific online retailers. To do that just link up your Gmail, Yahoo, AOL or Outlook email address. It can then check your inbox for receipts that match eligible retailers.

You can also link your Amazon account directly and it will pull receipts from  your account.  Retailers currently eligible for e-receipts include Amazon, Walmart, Target, Costco, Jet and a few others. See their site for details. 

Fetch also has special offers to earn more points for limited periods. This can allow you to earn 500 to 10,000 points for specific items very quickly, so you can really boost your point balance. For example, to the right you’ll see a special offer for Breyers ice cream that gives you 850 points for buying their specific item.

Once you reach 3,000 points, you can cash out your rewards. The conversion rate is 1,000 points equals $1. You can redeem points for gift cards from hundreds of retailers, including Walmart, Amazon, and Target.

You can also cash out for Visa or Mastercard gift cards, but the conversion rate is higher, so it will cost 11,500 points for a $10 card, which is far more than a gift card. So, it may work out better to choose a gift card for your favorite retailer and spend your rewards there.

How Much Can You Earn With Fetch Rewards?

While it seems attractive that 1000 points equal $1, you may be asking realistically how much can you earn? The points earned will depend on the offers on your receipt. Fortunately, you can earn cash back for all offers on the same receipt, and you can maximize your earnings by checking the app. The app will display the points offers that are currently available, and this is typically 250 to 2,000 points for each offer, so you can earn $0.25 to $2 cashback. 

The app will also help you to choose the brands that will earn you the most points. Every time you scan a receipt, the app will recommend products from alternative brands that you can buy on your next grocery store visit. 

You can also use the app’s smart list feature to create your shopping list, so you can choose the products that will earn you the most points. 

You should also bear in mind that Fetch Rewards has security measures in place that create a delay when cashing out more than one gift card. It can be better to opt for a higher value gift card, and this will also provide you with more retailer options compared to the $3 or $5 gift cards.

Additionally, if your account remains inactive for 90 days, your points balance will expire. If you’re not using the app frequently, it may be better to go for a smaller value gift card rather than risk losing your points. 

Referral Bonuses – Fetch Rewards Referral Codes

In addition to a sign up bonus after you scan your first receipt, you can also participate in the Fetch Rewards referral program.

You can use your unique code to refer any of your family members or friends. Once your friend scans their first receipt, both you and your friend will receive 2,000 points each. Use our code below to get your bonus!

Use our referral code, MREFX, during signup and you’ll get a bonus 2,000 Fetch Points ($2 bonus). We’ll get 2000 bonus points as well, thank you in advance!

You can generate your own referral code by clicking the “Me” button on the app and going to the “Referral Code” section. You can refer an unlimited number of people, so there is no limit to the number of bonus points you can earn. 

Other Benefits of Fetch Rewards

In addition to providing cashback on your grocery shopping, Fetch Rewards can also make a fantastic budgeting tool to control your spending on groceries. Since you’re scanning your grocery receipts, all of this spending will be separated automatically by the app into the types of food and store. This produces some great charts so you can track how much you’ve spent each month and ensure that you’ve not gone over your budgeted amount.

As we touched on above, you can also use the app to plan your grocery shopping. Shopping with a list is an effective way to avoid impulse buying and spending more than you expected. The app allows you to create a smart list and add any item and quantity to your grocery shopping list. You don’t even have to use app suggestions, as you can manually input the item using the keyboard. You can update quantities or sort items on your list and mark it as complete to cross it off. This means that you can have the app open as you shop without needing to have a pen and paper list. 

Another neat benefit of Fetch Rewards is that it also offers recipe inspiration. There are lots of recipe ideas, including desserts, kid friendly dishes, and even budget friendly recipes to help you plan your grocery shopping. If you do find a recipe that sounds good, just click on the + icon at the right hand side of the screen, and all the ingredients will be automatically added to your smart list. 

Ease Of Use

Fetch Rewards is not only easy to use, but it is actually kind of fun. There are no store limitations, and you don’t need to worry about clipping coupons or taking note of special offers. This makes it different to many of the grocery store apps, as you just need to scan your grocery receipt, from practically any store, including convenience stores, big box stores, liquor stores in addition to regular grocery stores. You just need to make your purchase of grocery items and submit your receipt. 

Within a few moments, you’ll see the points in your Fetch Rewards account that you can redeem for gift cards at your favorite stores. So, you can turn your rewards into a free cup of coffee, a relaxing day off, or even just your next Amazon purchase.

Fetch Rewards Vs. Ibotta: How Does Fetch Reward Compare to Ibotta?

Ibotta is considered a giant in the cashback app niche, so it is a good comparison to see how good Fetch Rewards is. The principle behind the two apps is the same; both require that you scan your grocery receipts, and both have specific offers that allow you to earn bonus points.?

The main difference between Ibotta and Fetch Rewards is that Ibotta has been established far longer, so it has a more extensive list of both offers and rewards. However, Fetch Rewards is continuing to grow, so it should be able to offer more and more offers in the future. Another difference is that Ibotta allows you to redeem your points for gift cards and PayPal payments, which can be more appealing for some users. 

Ibotta Rewards App Vs. Fetch Rewards App

Ibotta also has a feature to allow you to earn cash back when you shop through one of its partner apps. You can click on the list of partners in the app, and you’ll be redirected to the store that includes Walmart, Groupon, and many other leading brands. After you make your purchase, you’ll earn a cash back bonus of up to 10%

Fortunately, you don’t have to choose one or the other as you can use both apps and double your rewards. While they are different apps, some of the products that qualify for rewards will be the same. Ibotta requires that you designate the products you want to buy at a specific store, but you can then compare this with the qualifying purchases on the Fetch Rewards app.

Once you’ve made your purchases, you can submit receipts to both of the apps, thereby multiplying the points that you earn for this single purchase. 

Fetch Rewards Pros And Cons

As with any platform or app, nothing is ever perfect. So there are both some pros and cons associated with Fetch Rewards. These include:

  • Points calculated in real time. 
  • Easy to use app.
  • No need to select any deals before you shop.
  • Physical and e-receipts supported.
  • Rewards issued quickly.
  • Large number of rewards available.
  • No PayPal or Venmo payment option.
  • No ability to link store loyalty cards.
  • Receipt scans don’t always find eligible items.

Fetch Rewards Gives You Grocery Savings

Fetch Rewards has been designed to offer a quick, easy reward system, so you don’t need to agonize about your grocery shopping. The company states that it has paid out more than $3 million since its launch, which is impressive considering the app only launched in early 2017. 

You don’t need to worry about clipping coupons or rushing around for limited time offers at specific stores, just so you can save a few cents. You simply do your shopping as normal and scan your receipt; you’ll immediately earn reward points. This makes it a simple platform to use and one of the best shopping apps currently on the market. 

This makes it a superb way to earn a little extra cash, enjoying savings, and reward opportunities. You can save every time you make a purchase, particularly if you like to buy products from partner brands.

You can also share this fantastic app with your family and friends, and both of you will enjoy bonus points. So, its a win, win scenario. 

Get Fetch Rewards through the link below!

Source: biblemoneymatters.com

How to Make a Carpet Stain Remover from Household Items

Don’t let stains ruin your day…or your carpet. Prioritize carpet stain removal, from coffee stains, ink stains, wine stains, and more, with household ingredients like salt and glue.


Bruce and Jeanne Lubin
December 19, 2019

salt on the area as soon as possible and watch it absorb the liquid almost instantly. Wait until it dries, then vacuum it up. Salt tends to provide a special capillary attraction that will work for most liquids. There are a few stains that salt will actually help set, however—never sprinkle it on red wine, coffee, tea, or cola!

Vomit Stains

If you have kids, you’ve had to clean up vomit. Baking soda can make the job a little less gross if you sprinkle some on top as soon as possible. It will soak up some of the mess and make the smell easier to deal with when you have to go at it with the paper towels.

Ink Stains

Ink stains on the carpet? Make a paste of cream of tartar and lemon juice, and dab at the stain. Let it sit for five minutes or so, then clean with a damp cloth.

Red Wine Stains

What’s the easiest way to remove red wine spills from your carpet? Try applying a bit of shaving cream (after checking that the carpet is colorfast), and letting it sit for a minute before wiping away. Shaving cream will also work on grease stains.

Coffee and Tea Stains

Coffee stains can be frustrating, but you can get them out of your carpet by pouring beer on them. That’s right—just dribble a couple of sips onto the stain, and it should vanish. Dab up the extra beer with a paper towel, and if the coffee stain doesn’t go away completely, repeat the task a few more times. This trick works on tea stains too. Alternatively, to remove coffee stains from carpet or clothing, rub a beaten egg yolk into the spot, leave for five minutes, then rinse with warm water.

Grease Stains

If you’ve got kids, you’re guaranteed to end up with a grease stain on your carpet. The big thing to remember is to not touch the stain at all—don’t sop it up, wipe it, or do anything else. Instead, pour a large amount of cornstarch on top of the spot and gently stir it with your finger. Let it sit for a day, and make sure no one walks on it. The next day, use your vacuum cleaner’s hose attachment (the plastic one, not the one with bristles) to suck away the cornstarch. The stain should be mostly gone, but if it’s not, repeat this action until it completely disappears. You can then use the brush attachment to clear away the last remnants of cornstarch.


Here’s how to eliminate cigarette burns in your carpet: First, cut away the burn mark. Then, cut a bit of carpet from an area that’s covered by a piece of furniture (such as under a couch), and glue it carefully over the burnt spot. Finally, yell at the person who caused the burn in the first place!

Pet Stains

If your pet accidentally peed on your rug, and it still smells like urine after you’ve cleaned it, try deodorizing the spot with club soda, which contains odor-fighting minerals. Pour some on the area, leave it for five minutes, then blot and allow to dry.

For more cleaning tips for around the house, check out our Cleaning Tips board on Pinterest. And don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter and follow us on Facebook for our Tip of the Day!